Explore a dungeon of loot

Dungeon of Greed

In Early Development

There there now. We are still in development. But you can still stay up-to-date with development.

– Jonathan Concepcion


Stay up to date on Dungeon of Greed via YouTube. I will be taking feedback, showing what’s new, and devlogging from start to finish!

Starting Dungeon of Greed

This is the first step into defining the entire aspect of Greed and end goal of the game. Watch to learn about what it will take to get this game done.

Smart AI Pathfinding

While enemies in the previous game, OneBit Adventure, were random, Greed will get an upgrade that will provide intelligent pathfinding allowing enemies to maneuver around walls.

Procedural dungeon

Explore thousands of possible rooms combinations and unique dungeons that are procedurally generated. Every run will possess new challenges where your Greed will dictate your challenging outcome.


An ancient dungeon filled with everlasting treasure has been discovered and has attracted looters from around the area. The popular dungeon has made many rich enough to live 10 lifetimes; however, strange dark-shaped figures have started to appear and have consumed the lives of many explorers. It’s up to you to dive deep into the dungeon, find out what is causing these dark creatures and put a stop to their dangerous outcome once and for all.