We are
galactic slice

What is up you guys, this is Jonathan Concepcion and own a indie game company called Galactic Slice. After completing the development of OneBit Adventure, I wanted to reach the next level with procedural generation and multiplayer. With this, I started the development with Dungeon of Greed, a sequel to OneBit Adventure. Greed will not only explain the story of OneBit, but also bring more lore to the young franchise. Galactic Slice is everything I am which boils down to loving pizza. I am happy to bring you a slice of new ideas in my mind by continuing the next adventure with Dungeon of Greed.

Galactic Slice is still a solo dev company hoping to expand with revenue generated with Dungeon of Greed. While I do have other freelancers help out, the goal is to eventually have a group of developers so that we can bring you content better and faster. Help us by spreading the word of our game upon release! Thank you for all who have stuck around since OneBit Adventure and I look forward to making Greed live up to the hype.

Galactic Slice is a game company based in Milwaukee, WI.